Roblin's Samantha Kringle's high school basketball career came to an end on a great note. She was named to team Rogers for the A-AA-AAA Graduating All-Star Game in Winnipeg that took place on April 13.

Also from Roblin, Lexi Hawryluk was named to the same team.

"Oh my gosh, it was such an honour to be named to the team," said Kringle. "Our team worked so hard all season and to be recognized, it really is something."

Samantha was a vital part of the Goose Lake Angels success this season. She helped the team advance to the "AA" provincial championship final against Warren. Kringle was also named a Tournament All-Star for her contributions at the event. 

"We had a goal at the beginning of the year and we just worked so hard," added Kringle. "Warren has always been our rival. It was a tough loss in the finals but it was still such a great season."

"We had four grade 12 players so we really just wanted to have the most fun with the coach, he really is one of the best we've ever had," she added.

Samantha will move on to university but she has made the decision to step away from competitive basketball. That doesn't mean she will stop playing the game entirely. Kringle plans on playing rec basketball.