When the snow disappeared and the field was in playable shape, McCreary's Logan Conrad knew he had one more high school rugby season ahead of him before he graduates. And, he plans to make it a memorable one just like last season turned out to be for the 18-year-old.

This past weekend Conrad was presented with the 2018 Young Male Player of the Year Award for his contributions to the Dauphin Clippers and provincially last season. It was the first time that Logan has received an award of this type.

"I wasn't expecting this at all. It just feels so good that I had so much support throughout the season," said Conrad. "It comes as a big shock because I have played against and with so many great rugby players from around the province."

Rod Carberry nominated Logan for the award and the rest is history. 

"I'm constantly being told how much I've improved and how good of a person I am," added Conrad. "I just like to treat everyone with respect."

"I think this will just help me with my team here in Dauphin and it shows I can be a leader," he said. 

Conrad and the rest of the Clippers hit the field this past weekend to begin their season. They did drop both games but they were very close. One was a 17-10 defeat against Vincent Massey and the other was a 20-17 loss against Souris.

Despite the defeats, Conrad and the rest of the Clippers are very motivated to get in the win column when they next hit the field which is on April 22.

"I was beyond excited about our team this year. Come two weeks ago, we only had 14 guys show up and you need at least 15," said Conrad. "Two practices before we played we had 20 guys show up which was really exciting."

"It was a good start and we did a lot better than I thought we would being such a new team," he added. "Having those two close games was a really good thing for us."

When Logan is asked why he plays rugby, the answer is very simple.

"I absolutely love the game and I encourage everyone to come out and try it," added Conrad. 'Most people that I talk to fall in love with it and they always wonder why didn't play it before."