It was road trip time for Dauphin’s Mike Dumas, Thomas Dumas, Tristan Dumas, and Crystal Dumas this past weekend.

Mike, Thomas, and Tristan took part in the Manitoba Provincial Arm Wrestling Championships at the TYC Event Centre in Winnipeg.

What a weekend it turned out to be for the Dauphin father/son trio as they all are back home in the Parkland with championship trophies. Competing in the 5-7 year-old left and right arm category, Tristan stole the show to finish in first place with both arms.

Thomas took part in the 7-9 year-old category and just like his brother; Thomas stole the show by winning the event with both arms. Thomas and Tristan's dad, Mike also came out on top. He won a title in the Masters left arm competition.

Add it all up and that's five titles between the Dauphin trio.

"It was fantastic and it was unexpected for me. I'm not a competent left-handed puller, I'm more confident in my right but it was such a fantastic feeling to win with my left," said Mike Dumas. "When the boys both came out on top with both arms, it really is unexplainable how everyone was feeling."

Tristan and Thomas may only be six and eight-years-old respectively, but they've shown that they can keep up with the best in Manitoba.

"My boys have such great speed. A lot of the older competitors were raving at their speed and focus," said Dumas. "They were extremely determined and focused when they came up to the table. They were also very respectful. After every match, they would go up to their opponents, shake their hand and say congratulations."

Heading into the event, Thomas was all geared up.

"He went there to win. He had it programmed in his head that he was going to win," added Dumas. "He told me "Dad, I'm not going to lose, I'm going to win.". 

Tristan, on the other hand, wasn't expecting to win, but he sure did.

"He was in utter shock that it happened so fast," added Dumas. "I don't think it sunk in until afterwards when we were taking pictures. You could just see the smile on his face."

The Provincial Champions alongside Crystal will once again hit the road later this summer, but this time to compete with the best in Canada.

They will take part in the Canadian Arm Wrestling Championships in Edmonton. That event will take place from July 12-14 at West Edmonton Mall.

"We have a lot of work ahead of us. We have a day or two to just let our muscles relax and then the training continues," said Dumas. "We're going to go in strong and we're going to win. It's just so fun, it's a family orientated sport and it's just hard to explain how much fun we all have."