Day two of the Parkland Source for Sports Cup provided some more great action at Credit Union Place and the Rotary Arena.

Here is the results:

Parkland Rangers beat Norman, 12-0.

Meadow Lake beat Pembina Valley, 7-0.

Yellowhead beat Brandon, 4-0.

C Side Semifinals 

Parkland Destroyers beat Norman, 6-3.

Crossover 1 vs 2

Pembina Valley beat Parkland Rangers, 7-4.

Meadow Lake beat Yellowhead, 9-1.

C side finals Sunday at 9:45 at the Rotary.

Brandon Vs Parkland Destroyers 

B side finals Sunday at 9:45 at Credit Union Place.

Parkland Rangers vs Yellowhead 

A side finals at 11:45 at the Credit Union Place between Pembina Valley and Meadow Lake.