The Gilbert Plains Trojans varsity girls volleyball team capped off their season in the perfect way this past weekend. They won the Provincial Championships and a huge part of the team was Gilbert Plains Mackenzie Zatylny.

The 15-year-old was so good this season, that she had the nickname "Poundtown Zatylny" at the provincials. She was also named the Most Valuable Player at the end of the tournament. 

"It felt so good to win that tournament, we worked so hard all season to achieve our goal of winning it all," said Zatylny. "Being named the MVP was a true honour. There were so many good players out there. It meant a lot that I was chosen."

So there was no doubt it was a memorable grade 11 season for Mackenzie and the rest of the Trojans. As she takes a look back, "Poundtown Zatylny" has nothing but great things to say about it all.

"The whole season was just so much fun," she added. "I loved being with my team and seeing how we improved throughout the season."

Mackenzie doesn't get much time off to soak it all in. She'll head to Brandon this weekend to try out for the 17U Brandon Cats women's volleyball club team. She's already made several good impressions in front of the team's coach and she's feeling good heading into the weekend.

"I'm pretty confident and I think I'll make that team," said Zatylny. "I know I can improve a bunch, but I'm feeling good heading in."

So moving forward, Mackenzie will look to continue dominating the volleyball world in Manitoba. After her high school years, the 15-year-old has big plans. She wants to play volleyball at a college in the US.