Imagine making your WHL debut at 16-years-old. Now imagine it being with the best team in Canada. 

That's what Roblin's Jakob Brook has experienced this season. The 16-year-old made his debut with the Prince Albert Raiders in the team's season opener on September 21.

He scored in that game, and since then, that's the only thing the Raiders have been doing. The team is a league-best 15-1 and they're the top-ranked CHL team in our country.

"Things have been pretty awesome," said Brook. "The team has been great to me and obviously we've done a great job of winning games. The veterans are all awesome, and yeah, the experience is unexplainable."

"It's been great to start my WHL career on a team that is winning so much," said Brook. "I've really gotten a sense of what it takes to be successful in this league. There are highs and lows, but obviously, we're on a high right now. We have a great group of guys and a great coaching staff that keeps us even keel at all times. It's an awesome setup."

Not only have the Raiders got off to a great start, but so has Brook. In his 12 games with the club, he has six points (6 G). 

"I think my skating is my strong suit and it's what I've been able to use to my advantage," added Brook. "I have to keep using it and that's how I can have success going forward."

Eight days after Jakob started his first WHL regular season, he was a part of another special game. The 16-year-old played against his brother who is the star of the Moose Jaw Warriors. Josh Brook has already been drafted to the NHL and signed an entry-level contract with the Montreal Canadiens.

The Brook's only played one shift against each other in that game. 

"I tried hitting him and I missed which was pretty funny," added Jakob. "It was pretty awesome getting to play against him and seeing him after the game. It was a memory I won't forget about for sure."

Although Jakob missed his hit against Josh, it was Jakob and the Raiders who got the final laugh. The Raiders won the game 5-4 and Jakob was a +1. The Raiders also have the advantage by quite a bit so far this season. The Warriors have a respectable 6-4-3 record but sit 15 points back of Jakob and the Raiders.

"We support each other no matter what's happening, and it's pretty great," added Jakob. 

The Raiders have won just one WHL League Championship. That came way back in the 1984-85 season. The club will still play 55+ games this regular season, but they know this could be a special year.

"It's always in the back of our minds honestly," said Brook. "We think we can make it really far with this team. We're really deep and we have a lot of speed. We just have to keep playing hard every game and I believe good things will happen."

At the pace he's scoring at, Jakob is on pace to get at least 30 points in his first WHL season. But, he'll be okay even if he doesn't.

"I'm not really focusing on points as a 16-year-old," said Brook. "It's just all about learning and finding out ways to succeed in this league. Points are nice obviously, but they're just a bonus."

Brook takes us back to what was going through his mind when he scored that goal in his first game in the league.

"There was a lot of emotions going on," added Brook. "It was pretty cool. After I scored the goal, it felt like I was blacking out and I don't really remember anything. It was a great experience and definitely a really special goal."

Brook and the Raiders will look to keep it going this Friday when they welcome the Kootenay Ice to town. The Raiders are perfect at home (8-0).