McCreary's Logan Conrad is heading to Winnipeg next weekend, to take part in the Western Canadian U18 Rugby Championships.

The 17-year-old made the Team Manitoba squad, after a rigorous two-days of tryouts back on July 11-12.

"It's just such a good feeling," said Conrad. "When we were in Regina for regionals, the coach came up to me and said, "You have a good chance at making this team". It just felt super surreal at that moment."

"There was a lot of stress that went into the tryouts," he added. "There was a lot of good rugby players, and specifically that played my position. You have to give it your all, but it's hard to know what to do so you can impress the coaches."

What does Logan feel put him ahead of some of the other players that tried out?

"I think it was my physicality level," said Conrad. "I'm not afraid to find the biggest, strongest guy on the field and take a run at him. You have to put your body on the line for this game at all times."

Even though he was successful at the tryouts, Conrad knows it wasn't an easy road and it required a lot of grinding, and commitment.

"Well, I play numerous sports, and I feel that helped me stay in shape so that I was ready for the start of the rugby season," said Conrad. "Our coaches at the high school level also did an amazing job of preparing us even before the season started. It's been a tough grind for sure, but it's been absolutely worth it."

Just like any player, to get to the next level, you have to work extra hard and coaching plays a big part in your success... and it sure has with Conrad.

"Our Head Coach Rodney Carberry is absolutely great," said Conrad. "He goes above and beyond what he has to do for a high school rugby team, so we can flourish. He's played a huge role in my progression, and so many other people have as well."

As the Westerns are only seven days away, Logan will continue training hard as he prepares for what will be a tough challenge for the Manitoban's

"I'm planning on seeing personally a lot of improvement," said Conrad. "We've had a few practices as a team, and we've been gelling together unbelievably. Honestly, I think we're going to have a pretty good showing."

As far as Logan's thought process heading into the tournament... "We have to prepare for the worst," said Conrad. "Our coach has been in it for a long time, and he knows all the different playing styles of the different provinces, and we just have to trust him," said Conrad. "You just have to adapt, and play your heart out."

Logan will join Brayden Tomchuk who will also take part in the tournament on Team Manitoba. Two other Parklanders are also on the team as well, and Logan can't wait to play with all of them.

"It's a great thing," said Conrad. "It's amazing to see four Parkland kids that will play. The team is made up of the best players in Manitoba, and we're a part of it. It's an awesome feeling."

Winning the Championship is the most important thing on Conrad's mind, but playing in the tournament also provides him a chance to impress fellow coaches and the scouts that'll be in attendance.

"We have four or five different guys that play my position," said Conrad. "Our coaches made it very clear that even though you're on the team, you're still fighting. And, that brings the best out of the player and pushes me to work that much harder. It's a great chance to show off what I can do on the field."

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