After months and months of hard work and determination, Dauphin's Karla Tycholiz headed to Quebec this past weekend to take part in the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships.

And, what a weekend it ended up being for the Dauphinite. She won first place in the Grand Masters 45+ category and was second place in the Figure C height category.

"There's been a lot of hard work that has gone into this," said Tycholiz. "I trained for about six months to just be able to compete at the competition."

"It feels absolutely fantastic," she added. "It kind of verifies all the hard work I put in the gym, and out of the gym with the strict food eating. I had so much support from my husband, family, and friends which made all the difference in doing well at the competition."

Taking a look back at the one-day event in Laval, Quebec, Tycholiz knows exactly what her favourite part was... besides doing so well.

"Just meeting all of the people," said Tycholiz. "All of them were so kind, friendly and just great people to be around. It was great to meet people who have been through the same grind and journey as I have."

The Champion is now back in the Parkland, but she's not sure if she'll compete again in the future.

"Winning definitely opened up some opportunities, but I don't know what's up next for me," said Tycholiz. "I'm just trying to take it all in, and I want to figure out if and when I'll compete again." 

Two years ago, Karla placed seventh at the National Championships, so this result came as a surprise.

"I was definitely really surprised to place so high this time around," she added.