Dauphin's Connor Shaw made the trip back from Winnipeg this past weekend for the Grand Plains Celebrity Classic.

And, he's sure thankful he did. Playing in a foursome with Riese Gaber, Braden Clement, and Christian Laughland, Shaw came up to the team's second shot on the par 5, 6th hole and after he hit it, the team didn't need anymore.

That's because, from just about 180 yards out, Shaw holed it out for albatross.

"It felt pretty amazing," said Shaw. "Braden had a solid drive that put us near the right bunker. The pin was in the back left and that's where the wind was going as well. So I knew I just had to put a good swing on it and hit the middle of the green."

"We watched it land about four or five feet from the hole, and we saw it spin over," he added. "We were about 99% sure it went in, but we couldn't be for sure. So, we got Scotty to drive up there and sure enough, it went in. It was a really cool moment for sure."

The odds of making an albatross are a shocking estimated six-million to one. 

Shaw and his foursome ended up shooting 15-under, one behind the eventual winners.

"We were kind of head to head with them all day," said Shaw. "We made par on the first couple holes so they got an early lead. But, that albatross put us back in it against them. Last year we beat them by one, and this year they beat us by one, so it was a fun competitive day."

"It was cool to have a little competition in there for sure," he added. "Overall, it was just a great day."

Throughout his golfing career, Shaw has had some very high moments, but this albatross ranks higher than all.

"It's got to be #1," said Shaw. "In the Manitoba Jr, I hit one in from 180 yards, and I've hit a few in from like 100. I think the difference from the one at the Manitoba Jr. from 180 was that I hit this one exactly the way I wanted too."

"Before the shot, I drew it up in my head and I did exactly what I drew up," he added. "It's easily the best shot I've ever hit."

Shaw was slated to tee it up in the Manitoba Amateur which gets underway today, but a wrist injury has prevented him from doing so.