The Dauphin Kings have been very busy this offseason, with several player commitments and a couple trades, as they prepare to bounce back from a tough campaign.

"Things have definitely gone very good so far," said Doug Hedley, HC/GM for the Kings. "We've reached out to all the veterans, and met with a large number of them in person. I think the attitudes I'm listening to and hearing from them is that they're prepared to put the work in because they want to get better."

"We have some really good 18 and 19-year-olds that are going to come in, and push for every position," he added. "I think it's a good situation going forward for sure."

During the offseason, the Kings have either committed or traded for more than a dozen players including star prospect Nakodan Greyeyes. 

Although things have been relatively quiet within the organization for the past couple weeks, Hedley says he's always getting calls, and looking to improve the team.

"Teams are always calling to see what's going on, and what's available," said Hedley. "But, we're not going to make a trade for the sake of making one. If we make one, we want to be getting better."

"We want to get a little bit more experienced in the 19 and 20-year-old area," said Hedley. "There's a few showcases and evaluation camps this month and next and we plan on having someone there.

"We'd like to add some experience, but at the same time, we're perfectly comfortable going in with what we have right now and all the guys know they have to be ready to go when they come back."

The Kings will hold their Main Camp in early September.