Meet the Voices You Hear Every Day!

Al Gaines

Weekdays 6 to 10

Alex DeVries

Weekdays 10 to 1

Tristen Osborn

Weekdays 1 - 5 & Saturday Mornings

Tamara Michèle

Evenings & Weekends

Alec Woolston

5 pm Weekdays for the Nutters Rock 'n' Ride Home
  • Al Gaines

    Al Gaines The Al Morning Show

    Al wakes up the Parkland weekday mornings with great tunes, fun facts, all the information you need to start the day, the Birthday Book, and all kinds of local guests & celebrity drop-ins! He's the big voice at Credit Union Place, and you'll see him all over the Parkland, wherever things are happening. Don't miss Al Gaines 6-10 weekday mornings!

  • Alex DeVries

    Alex DeVries The Everything Guy

    Alex is an 8-year CKDM veteran, and a true MVP! He's worked every shift of every day, lives and breathes radio, and LOVES life in the Parkland. He's easy to find! If he's not on the air, he's working hard behind the scenes in the creative department, whipping up promotions, scheduling music and programming, or checking out festivals and events throughout the Parkland!

  • Tristen Osborn

    Tristen Osborn Weekday Afternoons/Saturday Mornings

    Tristen Osborn is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He graduated from the Western Academy Broadcasting College in 2018. Tristen is very excited to begin his broadcasting career at 730 CKDM. Tristen has a very technical background from computer programming, to being a board operator in a live sound setting. If you see Tristen don't be afraid to say hello! He is always happy to chat.

  • Tamara Michèle

    Tamara Michèle Evenings & Weekends

    CKDM is proud to have discovered Tamara right here in Dauphin! This is her first foray into the radio industry, and she's proving herself to be an absolute natural, who brings her passion for creativity and imagination to life, through the airwaves. Her weekly feature called “Tamara's Field Trip” can be heard Saturday's at 4:30, and is the perfect showcase of her unique curiosities and sincere pride of being a voice in the Parkland!

  • Alec Woolston

    Alec Woolston The Rock 'n' Ride Home - Weekdays at 5 pm

    Alec graduated in 2014 from Winnipeg's Academy of Broadcasting, where he was named Student of the Year in Broadcasting, and shortly after moved to Dauphin to start his career in radio. As well as being on air part-time, Alec works with the Sales/Creative team at CKDM. He loves life in the Parkland and wants to become more and more immersed in the community, as time goes on. You might spot Alec at various music festivals and shows, as music has been a passion of his ever since he can remember.

  • Isaac Wihak

    Isaac Wihak News Team

    Isaac Wihak is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He graduated from the Western Academy Broadcasting College in Saskatoon in 2018, and moved to Dauphin in August to join CKDM to start his radio career. He's currently the youngest person working at CKDM, is a huge sports fan, plays soccer, and loves to watch hockey. Isaac is excited to be in Dauphin and looks forward to becoming more involved in the community.

  • Darnell Duff

    Darnell Duff News Team

    Darnell Duff is a graduate of Herzing College in Winnipeg. Since he was a little kid, he always knew he wanted to become a sports broadcaster and, since college, he has been in Toronto at Sportsnet 590 The Fan, Flin Flon, Fort McMurray, and now Dauphin. Darnell loves sports and especially golf, because what's better than bogies and sun? He is super-excited to be in Dauphin as the Sports Director and is looking forward to everything Dauphin. If you see him around town, say hey, he is always up for a good chat.

  • Josh Sigurdson

    Josh Sigurdson News Team

    Josh Sigurdson is from Martensville, Saskatchewan. He graduated from the Western Academy Broadcasting College in 2019. He moved to Dauphin in April of 2019 to start his career in broadcasting at CKDM. He is a big fan of sports, music, and entertainment. He is currently coaching the DRCSS Clippers football team and is looking forward to getting more involved in the community and really experiencing what life in the Parkland is all about.