Meet the Voices You Hear Every Day!

  • Al Gaines

    Al Gaines The Al Morning Show 6-10

    Wake up with Al Gaines... just for the "Al" of it! Al wakes up the Parkland weekday mornings with your favourite tunes, fun facts, and all the information you need to start the day! He's got the Birthday Book daily at 7:45, The Hump Day HaHa on Wednesdays, a Peculiar Pick on Thursdays, Gaines's Giant Poll, plus all kinds of local guests & celebrity drop-ins! It's Al you need in the morning!

  • Alex DeVries

    Alex DeVries The Alex DeVries Show 10-2

    Whether you're at work, at home, working from home or in the field, Alex is your perfect Parkland companion from 10-2! Of course he plays the Best Country and the Biggest Hits of All Time to get you through the day, but he also hosts The Bargain Bin, makes way for Agri-View The Noon-Hour Edition, and keeps you up-to-date with what's happening around the Parkland! When he's not on the air, Alex is working hard behind the scenes in the creative department, whipping up promotions, scheduling music and programming, and helping out wherever he can!

  • Alec Woolston

    Alec Woolston The Alec Woolston Show 2-6

    Join Alec Weekdays from 2 to 6, for more of the Best Country and Biggest Hits of All Time, as well as everything you need to know about what's going on in The Parkland! His "Radio Rewind" takes you down memory lane with facts about days gone by, and the number one song from that day. At 5, Alec hosts the Nutter's Rock'N'Ride Home... 5 uninterrupted Classic Rock songs in a row to wrap up your workday! Behind the scenes, Alec helps out the Sales and Creative teams, and keeps morale up by being the awesome guy that he is!

  • Tamara Michèle

    Tamara Michèle Evenings & Weekends

    Tamara hails from Dauphin, and is Parkland Proud through and through. If you live in the Parkland, you won't find better company in the evenings and on weekends than Tamara! She shares her fascinations with you with true, unabashed passion, and her unique perspective on lifestyles, history and nature will keep you coming back again and again!

  • Darnell Duff

    Darnell Duff Sports Director

    Nobody covers local sports like Darnell Duff! Whether you're playing shinny on a pond in Waterhen, or you're from the Parkland and were drafted to the NHL, Darnell Duff is on your story! Darnell has an unwavering commitment to covering sports in the Parkland like no other, working tirelessly to make sure that no accomplishment gets unnoticed. As the broadcast voice of the Dauphin Kings, he travels with the team and gets their stories to you in real time!

  • Matt Hamel

    Matt Hamel News Director

    You can hear Matt anchor the news throughout the week on CKDM. From Niagara to Dauphin, Matt has made the journey across the country hoping to experience everything the Parkland has to offer. If there’s something happening in the Parkland that matters to you, Matt will be there to make sure you get the full story. He loves a conversation, so if you see Matt out and about, feel free to say hello!

  • Tess Kovach

    Tess Kovach News

    Tess joins CKDM from small-town Kipling, Saskatchewan. She moved to Saskatoon to attend Western Academy Broadcasting College in 2019 and came to Dauphin to start her radio career in January 2020. When not covering news, she’s always working on a new art project. She’s looking forward to exploring and enjoying the Parkland for many years to come!