Until December 19th, you'll be able to play CKDM's Silver Bells Christmas Contest, where we'll be giving away thousands of dollars in gift cards from local businesses!

Here's how it works: We will be playing three times each weekday. When you hear the cue to call, be the correct caller through and you'll get to play! We will ask you to pick either C, K, D, or M. Each letter represents a bell, and inside of each bell is a gift card from one of our sponsors. You will immediately win whichever gift card you pick, and you'll also be entered into the Grand Prize Draw for a $730 gift card to the sponsor of your choice. It's that easy!

A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors: Parkland Source for Sports, Eastside Furniture, Canadian Tire, Tim Horton's, Nutter's Everyday Naturals, MR. MIKES Steakhouse Casual, Speedy Glass, Oil Depot, Calendar Club in the Dauphin Market Place Mall, The Bargain Shop and Sammy's Farm Supply.

Silver Bells Christmas Contest Winner's List

Thursday, December 20th

Last chance entry:

Cynthia Jantti of Dauphin - $50 Canadian Tire


Wednesday, December 19th

Jen Smith of Dauphin - $20 Sammy's Farm Supply

Liz Karuk of Dauphin - $20 MR. MIKES

Freda Prytula of Dauphin - $20 Eastside Furniture

Bonus draw winner:

Cheryl Vandongen of Dauphin - $50 Sammy's Farm Supply

Hope Kulmoski of Dauphin - $20 Nutter's Everyday Naturals

Lori Walker of Dauphin - $50 Tim Horton's



Tuesday, December 18th

Adele Murray of Ste. Rose - $50 Parkland Source for Sports

Donna Rudkewich of Dauphin - $10 Nutter's Everyday Naturals

Ryan Dreger of Dauphin - $50 Speedy Glass

Bonus draw winner:

Reba Meyer of Gilbert Plains - $20 Calendar Club


Monday, December 17th

Angela Kotyk of Grandview - $20 Canadian Tire

Judy Pascal of Dauphin - $20 Oil Depot

Wilma Korney of Dauphin - $20 The Bargain Shop


Friday, December 14th

Lisa Luky of Grandview - $20 Eastside Furniture

James Rath of Ste. Rose - $10 Speedy Glass

Rosalia Rosteski of Sifton - $10 Calendar Club


Thursday, December 13th

Kelly Kischook of Sifton - $50 Calendar Club

Beverly Malchuk of Dauphin - $20 Tim Horton's

Adeline Duncalfe of Winnipegosis - $50 MR. MIKES


Wednesday, December 12th

Sherry Chomenchuk of Gilbert Plains - $50 The Bargain Shop

Andy Desjarlais of Ebb & Flow - $20 Canadian Tire

Joan Kinaschuk of Dauphin - $10 Sammy's Farm Supply 


Tuesday, December 11th

Darren Dohan of Dauphin - $20 Parkland Source for Sports

Pearl Dumas of Crane River - $10 Canadian Tire

Sandra Kaleta of Dauphin - $20 Oil Depot 


Monday, December 10th

Tammy Lynch of Gilbert Plains - $20 Tim Horton's

Debbie Guillas of Ste. Rose - $10 Eastside Furniture

Doreen Dohan of Dauphin - $20 Parland Source for Sports


Friday, December 7th

Mike Gulenchin of Dauphin - $10 Tim Hortons

Marie Crowe of Grandview - $20 The Bargain Shop

Lisa Blais of Gilbert Plains - $10 MR. MIKES


Thusday, December 6th

Raymond Knockaert of Ste. Rose - $20 Sammy's Farm Supply

Eileen Smelski of Dauphin - $20 Speedy Glass

Veronica Gonty of Dauphin - $50 Oil Depot


Wednesday, December 5th

Albert Crowe of Ochre River - $20 MR. MIKES

Patrick Furkalo of Dauphin - $50 Eastside Furniture

Audrey Herman of Ethelbert - $20 Parkland Source For Sports


Tuesday, December 4th

Gerald Roncin of McCreary - $50 Nutter's Everday Naturals

Rose Dwitt of Gilbert Plains - $10 Parkland Source For Sports

Lorie Osmond of Winnipegosis - $10 The Bargain Shop


Monday, December 3rd

Libby Moroz of Ethelbert - $20 Oil Depot Gift Card

Glenn Kolida of Dauphin - $20 Speedy Glass Gift Card

Mel Skulmoski of Dauphin - $20 Calendar Club Gift Card