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A Liberal MP says he's open to changing the wording of his private member's bill designed to "consolidate and modernize various offences against animals" in the Criminal Code.

At least one of the sponsorships at Credit Union Place is staying the same.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Nordquist

Officers say a bear spotted in Vermillion Park last night is not a reason to panic, but rather to be cautious.

Friends and family of Merle Haggard will pay tribute to the late legend at this year's Countryfest.

The City of Dauphin and Manitoba Hydro are trying to reduce energy consumption in the city.

If you've got a complaint you want investigated by the RM of Dauphin's new by-law enforcement officer, you're going to have to put it in writing.

It's spring clean-up time and the RM of Dauphin reeve is reminding residents that if you light a fire, it's your fire.