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The party is just starting here at the CKDM building in south Dauphin.

A woman is dead after a car collision in the RM of Brokenhead yesterday morning.

The City of Dauphin is wanting to notify residents that it's that time of year again to pay your property tax bill.

Dauphin's MLA calls yesterday's budget a responsible one.

Manitoba's new finance minister has tabled the new Tory government's first budget.

Two youths accused of assaulting and robbing two staff members at an addictions centre in Manitoba are in custody.

Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve and Friends of Riding Mountain would like people to take part in this year's GPS Adventure Quest.

After seeing him at WE Day in Winnipeg back in November, the philanthropy group at Gilbert Plains Collegiate is bringing in Robb Nash.

No one was injured in a garage fire this morning in Dauphin.