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A report on Facebook about a man found dead in Dauphin with head trauma and stab wounds is a fake, according to RCMP.

The Dauphin Public Library will be participating, for the first time, in National Canadian Film Day.

McCreary School says you can have fun and help out a good cause at the same time.

In an effort to bring more awareness to Missing and Murdered Aboriginal peoples, this 18 year old is going to run 300 miles.

The former treasurer of a Manitoba community club is facing theft and fraud charges after a lengthy police investigation.

There is an option for voters if they do not wish to vote for someone who is running in their riding.

Police are investigating what led to a fatal head-on collision at the entrance to Turtle Mountain Provincial Park.

While they are certainly not perfect, not a single Parkland road was voted as one of the province's worst.

It was a great day for Dauphin at yesterday's provincial skills competition in Winnipeg.