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The Brandon University Student Union released a letter of support on Saturday for victims of sexual violence.

Most MTS services are out for customers in the Dauphin, Neepawa, and Minnedosa regions.

If you see people wearing pink, it's because it is International Pink day today.

Dauphin's high school is announcing some changes to next week's parent-teacher interviews.

Police are out and about on Manitoba roads looking for drivers not paying attention to the task at hand.

Instead of three recesses, children at Gilbert Plains Elementary School could get two long ones.

Police are looking for the driver of a speeding stolen car that rear-ended another vehicle just south of Brandon.

Manitoba's youth are getting ready to head to the polls next week, but don't worry, they won't actually be deciding our next Premier.

Assiniboine Community College is trying to bring some new programs to Dauphin.