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A Parkland commodity group is already celebrating a big milestone this year.
Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers first shipment of certified seed stock recently went south of the border into the United States.
Chris Federowich - vice chair of Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers and owner of Federowich Farms - says this is a big moment for Parkland hemp growers, and the seed will be going out for some university trials in the US, and to some farmers as well.
"So we're hoping to see some growing relations over the next couple of the seasons for sure, or as this season progresses and into the next couple of years, we'll be definitely making a lot more contacts south of the border as farmers start getting into growing that commodity (on the south side of the border)."
Federowich says Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers has a pretty big breeding program, and they're excited to possibly ship more seed stock south of the border.
Meanwhile, Parkland hemp growers could be looking at a great harvest this year.
Federowich explains that opposed to previous years where there was issues with excess moisture, drier conditions paired with favourable ground temperatures this year has lead to a perfect growing environment.
He expands if things continue the way they are and growers see some timely rains, this could be the best hemp crop in the last five to eight years.
"I'm sure quite a few guys that are out there that have had their hemp in over the last two weeks or three weeks have noticed also that I can take the frost pretty good too. I talked to a few farmers, and in the fall time they can take a heck of a frost, and also in the spring time. That last weekend that we had there where we got touched up... the canola got touched up pretty hard... the hemp wasn't affected so that's definitely a positive when you're looking at growing some hemp."
Federowich warns one challenge hemp growers have run into in the past has been grasshoppers, but says he expects minimal activity this year.