Third doses of Moderna and Pfizer are now available for some Manitobans.

This includes people who are moderate to severely immunocompromised, people who wish to receive a third dose for travel purposes, and people who have received one or two doses of a vaccine that is not approved by Health Canada.

Dr. Joss Reimer, Medical lead for Manitoba's Vaccine Implementation Task Force says two doses may not be enough for those who are immunocompromised. 

"This would include people who have cancer and are receiving chemotherapy, those who are receiving treatment related to organ transplants, people who are living with untreated or advanced HIV or AIDS, and people who are taking certain medications that severely affect their immune system." 

A complete list of the medical conditions and treatments that would result in a person being considered immunocompromised is available here.

Reimer says a third dose isn't required for travel.

"While a third dose isn't medically indicated for the purpose of travel, Manitobans will now have the option to weigh out the low risk of vaccination alongside the mental health benefits and other benefits related to travel, when deciding if a third dose is something they would like to consider.

 She says that in any case, Manitobans should wait 28 days after the second dose.