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Local MLA Brad Michaleski announced yesterday that eight programs received a total of 120 thousand, five hundred and ninety five dollars in funding.

The grant funding was through Community Places, Partners 4 Growth, Hometown Manitoba, and Neighbourhoods Alive! 

Organizations in Dauphin, Gilbert Plains and Grandview received the grants to help keep community development going.

Community Places grants went to Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Bake oven shelters - $3,225.00; Dauphin & District Allied Arts Council, Conversion of upstairs Kitchen & Bar - $36,450.00; Gilbert Plains Recreation Commission – Lighting upgrades - $19,771.00 and the Grandview & District Recreation Commission – Multi-use Campground Building - $29,149.00. 

A Partner 4 Growth grant went to Manitoba Mudrun Inc., North Node Trail Development - $25,000.

Hometown Manitoba grants went to Gloria Gayle’s, Dauphin – New Door & installation - $1,000; Jamie Stronciski, Grandview - Store front upgrades - $1,000 and the City of Dauphin, Dauphin CN Park Lighting - $5,000. 

The PC’s committed 2.6 million dollars in total across the province.