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The Association of Manitoba Municipalities says they have a list of several items they'd like to see addressed in the provincial budget.
President Doug Dobrowolski says they're going into this budget very optimistic because this will be the last budget before the next provincial election.
However, Dobrowolski says they do have realistic expectations because of the fiscal realities of the province.
"We're hoping that there's gonna be money and continued support for infrastructure which is the number one issue through all municipalities. We're also hoping there isn't gonna be any downloads to municipalities. We're seeing currently that the province is walking away from a lot of things like drainage and provincial right-of-way maintenance. Health care issues are also being downloaded to municipalities. It's something that our budgets can't handle anymore, and yet we're expected to come in with a balanced budget."
Dobrowolski says the AMM is also hoping for a long term commitment to funding for infrastructure and conservation districts.