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Muhammad Ali Dies at 74
Tributes are pouring in for boxing legend Muhammad Ali following his death Friday at the age 74.
Reaction is coming in from around the world of sports, entertainment and politics including former US President Bill Clinton, who awarded Ali the Presidential Citizens Medal. Clinton says boxing fans everywhere saw in Ali "A blend of beauty and grace, speed and strength that may never be matched again.''
"The Greatest'' had suffered from Parkinson's disease for years, and was hospitalized in the Phoenix area on Thursday with respiratory problems.
Water Contamination on Manitoba First Nation

Antibotic resitant bacteria was recently discovered in a Manitoba First Nation's drinking water. 

University of Manitoba microbologist Doctor Ayush Kumar says the contamination could be from a series of factors. 

Kumar's team had been testing water in about six First Nation communities all showing extremely high amounts of fecal bacteria. The community name has not been released, but Kumar said they have been informed of the situation. 


City of Winnipeg staff to negotiate a $1.3 million dollar phone bill

City of Winnipeg staff are racking up a pretty large phone bill. A report is asking city council to approve a $1.3 million dollar cost overrun for a cellphone deal with MTS.

The report says the use of smartphones by city employees is driving up costs. However, it also says the use of smartphones is boosting productivity and could help curb fuel and labour costs.  


Supreme Court of Canada ruling on assisted death

Advocates say the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling on assisted death is about to become the law of the land. It looks certain the federal government will miss the court-imposed deadline to pass its new legislation. 
Senators have approved Bill C-14 in principle and sent it to a Senate committee, but after yesterday's vote they adjourned until Tuesday (one day after the court-imposed deadline). That leaves a legal vacuum that experts say will be filled by the court's ruling.