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Since Monday, Tim Horton's here in Dauphin has been collecting donations for their special day coming up on June 1st.
 Camp Day is a day where 100% of the coffee sales they make will go to camps across canada.
This year, Tim Horton's here in Dauphin has a fundraising goal for $5,000.
Manager of Tim Horton's in Dauphin, Marie Campbell says all money raised will help send local kids to camp who may not have the opportunity too.
"So two kids get picked from the community to go. They learn problem solving, skill building, self respect, it helps boost up their confidence. It just helps them, and they meet new people they meet new friends. It's just a place where you feel welcomed."
Campbell adds that they are happy to offer this day to Dauphin.
"It makes us feel good. We actually had a girl that worked here for us, she was actually attending camp since she was about seven. So I mean, seeing those kids go to camp and then you know eventually they come back and apply for a job, it makes us feel pretty good."
Tim Horton's is also hosting a yard sale fundraiser on this day.