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Earthquake in Ecuador Kills Hundreds
Ecuador's president has declared a national emergency and is urging people to stay strong following the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that rocked the country's coastal area on Saturday.

President Rafael Correa cut short a trip to Rome and flew home last night to oversee relief efforts.

The death toll now stands at 272 with more than 2,500 people hurt.
High-Profile Trial Begins Today in Winnipeg
A woman will go on trial today in Winnipeg, accused of concealing the remains of six infants in a city storage locker.

Andrea Giesbrecht was arrested in October 2014 after the bodies were discovered, but has been out on bail for a year.

Her lawyer Greg Brodsky says the trial will likely hinge on whether the babies were born alive -- and if they weren't, he will argue for an acquittal.

He also expects the trial to be lengthy, since it will depend largely on the testimony of forensic experts.
Federal Ministers Meeting Attawapiskat Chief
The chief of a northern Ontario First Nation is hopeful a planned meeting with Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett today will be the beginning of real change for Attawapiskat.

An alarming rise in suicide attempts by youth in the James Bay community prompted the reserve's chief and council to declare a state of emergency on April 9th.

And Chief Bruce Shisheesh says five more young people attempted to take their lives this past Friday night.

Bennett and local New Democrat MP Charlie Angus are to visit the fly-in community today.
Bring Your A-Game
Dauphin's Kinsmen Business and Career Expo is back this weekend and once again it's bringing a gaming show with it.
All Your Base Online in Winnipeg is hosting Ultimate Gamer Showdown 3.
Jesse Mackenzie from All Your Base says their newly-made content team will also be showing up.
"We're hoping to stream some stuff to our Twitch channel -- twitch.tv/aybtv -- whether that ends up being Counter-strike, whatever else gets played there, or possibly the Magic: The Gathering stuff, I hear that's big up there."
Mackenzie says they're sending the biggest team to Dauphin they've ever sent.