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It was a great day for Dauphin at yesterday's provincial skills competition in Winnipeg.

Four students from DRCSS came out of the event with medals, including Helena Thiessen, who won a gold medal in workplace safety and health, Paulina Huschenbett walked away with gold for job interview skills, Keah MacMillan was awarded silver for photography, and Matthew Paskaruk received a bronze for outdoor power equipment.

Thiessen says she really loved the experience of being at provincials and getting to see Red River College.

"It was really exciting. It's really big and there's lots of new things to see. You can go into all the different college classrooms and see what all the programs are like. It's really cool."

Thiessen says there are a lot of components to the WHS category.

"We have to make a presentation of a safe work procedure. This year, it was for a flat tire. After that, we have to do a hazard walk though and identify all the hazards in a set up workplace we're given. Then we have a written test based on the Manitoba Safety Code."

DRCSS Teacher Chance Henderson worked as a coordinator for all the participants. He says he is very proud of all the students' accomplishments.

"We're extremely pleased with performances of all the students. When you look at the competition, every school sends their best candidates, and we really had a strong performance year. When you look at our standings, this was certainly a record year."

Thiessen and Huschenbett will now advance to the national skills competition in Moncton, New Brunswick. It takes place June 5-8.