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Dauphin's Mayor is proud of how the community has supported the families and others that were impacted by last year's bus crash near Carberry.

In reflecting on the year that has passed since the June 15 collision that left 17 local people dead and 8 others injured, David Bosiak made particular note of how the tragedy has brought people together.

"I saw that in our community as they stepped up to help to support the families and the survivors over the past year.  I know that it kicked the city in the teeth pretty hard last June and July and I know that it was probably a more somber than usual summer and fall in the city."

Bosiak adds June 15th will always be a significant day for the city.

"It was a monumental tragic event for our community.  And so I think that this one year anniversary signifies the fact that the community has not forgotten about the event, or about the families affected by it.  And that this memorial now will be a constant reminder."

Bosiak gives special thanks to EMS and other emergency services providers, as well as the Ministerial Association in Dauphin, who he says played an important role in helping the families and the community as a whole immediately after the accident. 

A special Ceremonial Tribute in Remembrance is planned for 2 pm Saturday afternoon at CN Park.