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Dauphin's Fire Chief says today's conference in Saskatchewan will be a great opportunity to learn.
Cam Abrey is in North Battleford for the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chief's Conference.
As the 1st Vice President of the Manitoba Fire Chiefs Association, Abrey was part of today's opening ceremony.
Abrey says these conferences are great because he gets to chat with fire chiefs from all around the country.
He shared the story of getting to meet Vince MacKenzie, the fire chief from Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland.
"Vince's community is approximately 10,000 people, agriculture-based, where he's a full-time chief with volunteer fire fighters. So, it's very similar to Dauphin, only on the east coast of Canada," Abrey explains. "We face similar issues of, how do we recruit new members? How do we retain our membership? Our budget issues, equipment replacement, different ideas when you go to incidents."
Abrey will host the Manitoba Fire Chiefs Association Conference in Dauphin this June.