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Contract negotiations between CN rail, Canadian Pacific/ Kansas City, and the Teamsters Canadian Rail Conference are currently at a standstill.

It threatens to bring the entire rail system to a halt.

These Negotiations have been taking place since last December when a collective agreement between these parties expired on December 31st.

Strike action of the 9000 union members could cause devastating effects on the producers in the nation, as Wheat Growers of Canada President Gunter Jochum explains.

"Shutting both railways down basically shuts down grain transportation, fertilizer transportation, and other industries that rely on grain transportation, it shuts that completely down."

Wheat Growers of Canada are now lobbying the federal government to create back-to-work contingencies for a strike to mitigate these effects.

For the full conversation With Jochum stay tuned for Monday's noon-hour edition of Agri-view.