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Manitoba's new top cop says reducing violent crimes and property crimes are two major priorities for RCMP in Manitoba.

Assistant Commissioner Scott McMurchy says that is what they are hearing from Manitobans.

 "We hear that from citizens, from leaders in Manitoba, and working with our communities that the high rate of violent crime.  And I think that is really across the country and really across the world for that matter.  Violent crime is on the rise, as is property crime.  And everything is inter-connected, from violent property crime to drugs, organized crime, and other crimes of that nature."

McMurchy adds he wants to help their officers focus on intelligence-led investigations and opportunities to combat these issues collaboratively at the same time.

He also says collaborating with other agencies is another important priority for him.

"Both government and non-government agencies, in terms of upstream supports that are needed in our rural communities and indigenous communities, in terms of mental health services, addiction treatment services and addressing those root causes and issues there will help us support those communities." 

McMurchy says the goal of this is to keep people out of the criminal justice system as best as they can.