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Organizers of the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games are working on plans to host a "Party in the Park" during each weeknight of the games.

Host committee member and Dauphin Economic Development Manager Martijn van Lujin says the event will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 nightly from August 12th to 16th at CN Park.

"It is a moment in the day where athletes and coaches and locals and whoever wants to be there can come together and enjoy some live music, a DJ, medal ceremonies, and we will also invite some local groups to perform."

Van Lujin says these events will also be a chance to showcase Dauphin.

"The games are not only an opportunity to celebrate sport and camaraderie, but also to celebrate our community, and to showcase what we really have to offer.  We want to create that link between the games and tourism, and we think that the Party in the Park is one of the ways to do that.  We want people to be able to gather and to celebrate why they are here.  We also want to be able to create a moment during the day where everybody from all of the different sports can still be together."

The Manitoba Summer Games come to the Dauphin area from August 11th to 17th.