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This month marks the final time that the City of Dauhin will be doing its annual city-wide spring clean-up.

Director of Public Works Mike van Alstyne explains the reasoning behind the decision.

"With the challenges of hiring and finding labour force over the last few years, we found that we were not able to complete some of our more critical maintenance work by time the snow falls.  And so by eliminating this, we are giving ourselves three weeks of workable time back in favourable weather."

Van Alstyne explains how clean-up will look in years ahead.

"Our yard waste drop-off is open 24-hours a day at the landfill just to the Northwest of Dauphin.  So people can haul materials there at any time.  The fall clan-up will remain as scheduled, and we will be receiving our next load of green bins for anyone that does not have one probably by the end of the month."

Spring clean-up begins on Monday in the day one waste collection area, and should take about three weeks to complete.