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The Association of Manitoba Municipalities Spring Convention goes this week in Brandon.

Dauphin Mayor Dave Bosiak along with most of city council will be in attendance. 

Bosiak says it is always good to connect at events like this with representatives from similar sized communities and municipalities. 

"Sort of to compare and talk about best practices or issues that they are facing.  But also the one interesting part about this spring's convention is that it is the first one since the election, in the sense that we now have a new provincial government.  And we always have new themes and new discussions if there has been a government change."

Bosiak is particularly looking forward to discussing similar issues or problems that they and other municipalities are facing.

"What are they doing about climate mitigation and stuff, what are they doing about crime and homelessness and the mental health and addictions issues.  How are they approaching the shortage of RCMP officers in their area.  So it is mostly just to listen."

 Bosiak adds the key learning at events like this actually takes place in conversations held with other mayors and councillors in between sessions.   

Bosiak and City Manager Charlotte Griffiths are attending a gathering Tuesday morning of Reeves, Mayors, and CAO's from Westman and Parkland areas and communities.   

The convention runs until Thursday.