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Fishing licenses in Manitoba for 2024 went on sale as of Monday, and to coincide with that the province has released its Anglers' guide for this year. 

The guide is available through the province's Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources website, as well as in stores where angling licenses are sold, and Manitobans are encouraged to pick up a copy and read it to learn about new fishing requirements, that also went into effect this week.

Residents are reminded that they can not fish in some areas during the spring, including Dauphin Lake and its tributaries, with the exception of the Vermillion Reservoir, as well as the Assiniboine River downstream of the Porgae Diversion to Provincial Road 240. 

You are also reminded that fishing for walleye and sauger is not allowed in the Northwest and North Central divisions between May 1st and May 18th. 

While they go on sale this week, 2024 Angling licenses do not become valid until May 1st.