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Liberals Short of Full 57
The Manitoba Liberal Party won't be running a full slate of candidates in next month's provincial election, but they have named one for Dauphin: Garry Gurke.

UPDATE: The Liberals are without candidates in four constituencies due to issues with nomination forms. They are: Agassiz, Arthur-Virden, Lac du Bonnet, and Lakeside.

It's the first time since 1999 the party hasn't fielded a full slate.

The governing New Democrats and opposition Progressive Conservatives have all 57 candidate slots filled, while the Green party has 32 candidates and the upstart Manitoba Party has 17. 
Here in Dauphin, Gurke is up against the NDP's Darcy Scheller, Brad Michaleski of the PCs, Kate Storey with the Greens, and the Manitoba Party's Darrell Inkster.
CTA Ruling Gives Some Lift to Cheap Flights
A decision by the Canadian Transportation Agency could allow a Winnipeg-based ticket-reseller to offer flights soon.

NewLeaf plans to sell tickets to several Canadian destinations for as little as $89, and they partnered with licensed carrier Flair Airlines to provide the planes.

Their plans to launch earlier in the year were disrupted while the transportation agency reviewed licensing rules.

The determination from the agency says that re-sellers, or companies who purchase seats from carriers to re-sell, do not need an air license.
Call for Countries to Take in More Refugees from Syria
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is appealing to "shared humanity'' in asking governments around the world to allow more refugees from Syria to enter their countries.

He's also decrying "counter fear-mongering'' about refugees. Ban spoke at a one-day conference in Geneva meant to further efforts to resettle Syrian refugees, 26,000 of whom Canada had already accepted by the end of last month.

Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum is there, and promised to explore new ways to expand the number of refugees who could come as post-secondary students, and to get the private sector more engaged with their economic integration.
Competitive Canada
Canada has been found to be the second-most competitive market in a comparison test of 10 leading industrial countries in the world.

A new report by accounting giant KPMG says Canada lags only behind Mexico when it comes to how little businesses have to pay for labour, facilities, transportation and taxes.

KPMG also looked at the competitiveness of more than 100 cities worldwide and ranked Fredericton, New Brunswick as Canada's most cost-effective city.