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Minnedosa is looking to add some colour to this summer's festivities.
They're hosting their first annual Valley Fun Colour Run August 13.
Organizer Vern May says you start the run with a plain t-shirt, but don't finish that way.
"Throughout the route, as they're running on the route, they get sprayed with these high-pressure colour guns. By the time they finish the route, they're looking very colourful with all the colours of the rainbow as the made their way through the course."
May says the event was actually inspired by a similar, popular event in Dauphin.

"Dauphin has a very succesful mud run that they've operated for many years. We wanted to do something similar, but not the same, so we explored the idea of doing the 5k colour run instead."
But he admits a 5km run might be too difficult for some, but says it's an event anyone can take part in.
"We picked gentle route. If you're ultra-competitive, and want to see what your best time can be, you can do that. But if you want to bring our your family or coworkers, it can be enjoyable for everybody."
May says they have yet to pick any specific projects that funds would go to, but says it would be split among the Minnedosa Rotary, Kinsmen, and Lions clubs.
You can get signed up by checking them out on Facebook.