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Get your dabbers ready because this Saturday you could win big money.
 This Saturday the Dauphin Community Curling Club presents their $10,000 Super Bingo where you have the chance to win either $200, $600, $1000, or $3,000.
Greg Thompson, an executive member of the dauphin community curling club says this event is a way to raise some money for the club but also a way for you to have a chance of winning a bigger pot of money then at regular bingo.
"The idea is to (in addition to making a little bit of money to support curling in the community) to give the bingo players an opportunity to come out and play at an event where there is a larger price pool in what they wouldn't normally would see at a bingo."
It's being held at the Dauphin Rec Complex. Doors open at 4:30, share the wealth starts at 5:30, and regular games start at 7:30.