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What started as a friendly competition among friends is now an annual event.
This Friday is the annual Headcheese Contest at the Grandview Legion.
Tony Safronetz, one of the organizers says, this all started just from a conversation him and his friends had about headcheese.
"It started 17 years ago, we were in the legion talking about headcheese, not too sure how the topic came up. But we were talking about it and my buddy says 'I bet i can make better headcheese than you can' and I said 'well if you're so smart why don't we start a contest up?'"
Last year there were 12 entries and they raised a little under $6,000. 
All proceeds go to the Grandview Legion, but Safrontez says that it's distributed to their scholarship fund and the flags that are put up at the cemeteries in Grandview.
Safrontez says that the community's involvement for the event is amazing.
"I'm very proud of the community for one thing, and their generosityy. When the people all get together it's such a great evening, i'm telling ya the legion will be packed right full."
The contest starts at 7pm sharp.