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Photo Credit: Dan Soprovich

One of Swan River's candidates in the provincial election is making his voice heard.

Dan Soprovich is centering his Green Party campaign around environmental protection, and fighting poverty and inequality.

He says one of the reasons he is running for the Green Party is because he believes he would be free to speak his mind in the legislature without a fear of repercussions.
"I think what's really critical in this point and time is someone who can speak fairly independently in the house. You know, not be censored by the premier or any of the senior people in a given party."
Among several other environmental initiatives, Soprovich wants to implement a carbon tax in Manitoba that he believes would benefit people living on lower incomes.
"It's designed so people on low incomes would not be hurt. You don't want to see people that don't have a lot of money paying extra, so monies would actually flow back to people just like a tax credit on your income tax system."
PST has already proven to be a highly controversial issue in the election, with PC Leader Brian Pallister saying yesterday that he would commit to lowering the sales tax by 1% to 7. NDP Leader Greg Selinger believes that would mean cutting essential services that families rely on.
Soprovich, on the other hand, is somewhat split. He believes the PST should stay where it is, but only if funds raised went towards infrastructure spending, like he says Selinger promised when the tax was raised.
He has also expressed his support for ending the controversial practice of spotlighting, which the PCs have been clear about being a policy of theirs.
Soprovich will face off in Swan River with NDP incumbent Ron Kostyshyn, as well as Rick Wowchuck of the Progressive Conservatives.
The election is set for April 19.