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The Rotary Arena will play host to MacKenzie Middle School's gym classes!
Renovations are about to begin in the school's gym, so Phys Ed classes are temporarily being moved to the arena.
Mountain View School Division Superintendent Donna Davidson says being in the building is getting everyone excited.
"I know that the physical education teacher at the school is very excited about providing quality education, and I'm sure the students, having that extra space, might create that novelty and excitement for them."
The division is also in talks with Dauphin Rec Services about the kids possibly going swimming or bowling during their Phys Ed classes, although that has yet to be confirmed.
Davidson says the school is looking to book the Rotary Arena for all of April, and maybe for May and June as well.
Transportation will be provided by the Roblin Commuter bus driver, who already services Dauphin's schools during the day.