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CAA Manitoba wants you to vote and have a voice!
The fifth annual Worst Roads Campaign kicks off today, which is aimed to let Manitobans identify the roads that are in the most need of improvement.
Erika Miller, public media relations specialist for CAA Manitoba says that Dauphin comes up in the campaign every year.
"We definitely see Dauphin roads every single year. 2nd Street SW was nominated not to long ago for pot holes and crumbling pavement. And we're definitely encouraging everyone in Dauphin to go online and vote for what street they think needs to be fixed in Dauphin."                                                                                                                                                                           Miller also says that this campaign is aimed to let all levels of government know that something needs to be done about road conditions.
"Conditions of our roads, highways and bridges absolutely need to be the top priority for all levels of government. Because infrastructure impacts everyone, whether you are a driver, a cyclist, a family, a senior, or a kid on a bike."
You can cast your ballot until April 6th on their website, http://www.caaworstroads.com/manitoba