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The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program (MFWP) opened its doors on March 1, 2022. Now more than one year later, it has been announced that the program will continue moving forward.

Farmers and their immediate family members can access six free, confidential one on one (one-hour) counselling sessions with a registered counsellor with a background in agriculture. Appointments are available during the morning, at night, or anything in between.

Roberta Galbraith with the program says year one was an extreme success.

"We started with the one-year pilot to test the waters to see if there was an appetite for it and there certainly has been," said Galbraith. "We have pushed the needle a little bit on talking about farmer mental health and wellness and raising awareness."

Roberta was also at Dauphin's Farm Outlook last week and there was a great reception when she made her presentation. Galbraith adds that if you or your family members are in the agriculture industry and may be struggling with mental health, the Farmer Wellness program is here.

"As a farmer myself, I understand the challenges of the industry and working on a farm," ended Galbraith. "It's great that you can talk to someone and there will be no judgment and it's free, so that's a nice bonus as well."

If you are interested in using the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program, you can book an appointment at MFWP