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Loblaws says everyone will benefit from selling "imperfect" produce.
The company's Naturally Imperfect line means aesthetically unappealing produce, which normally would have just been thrown out, will instead be sold for up to 30% off.
Senior Director of Loblaw Produce Dan Branson says that could mean some serious savings.
"It can be very impactful to a consumer to walk into our store and buy our product. The more we expand it through our programs, the more savings that people can realize, and that's something that's really important to us as a retailer."
Branson believes it is not only a great way for customers to save money, but will benefit farmers as well.
"Times are tough for a lot for Canadian growers to make money. So, if by building programs like this and taking more fruits and vegetables and getting them out in front of customers, we actually improve the returns coming back to Canadian producers, that's a win."
He says people would not be able to tell the difference between "perfect" and "imperfect" produce in a blind taste test. He also stresses the same safety standards will be applied to all produce sold in Loblaws stores.
The company says they were overwhelmed by the community support they received after launching a trial for imperfect produce in parts of Ontario and Quebec last year.
Branson says Dauphin's Extra Foods, along with all of Loblaw's other locations across the country, will be selling Naturally Imperfect produce by the end of 2016.