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The Dauphin Fire Department is very close to reaching their fundraising goal, but like last year, they're looking to crush it.
Recently, grade 4 students from Barker School in Dauphin had a cookie fundraiser in support of the Dauphin Fire Department's Rooftop Campout for Muscular Dystrophy, where they decorated and sold cookies for a dollar. They ended up raising $200.
Firefighter Robby Tomkins-- one of the people leading the charge for the Rooftop Campout-- his son had the idea to hold the cookie sale, and he says he couldnt be more proud of everyone who took part in it.
"It just goes to show how, you know, not just my son but all the other kids as well in their community, how we rally together, from the young to the old, to, you know, everyone, and to put forth that effort, it's remarkable."
Tomkins says they are now sitting at $7,100 raised, and their goal is to raise $7,500. They want to try to double it to $15,000.