A major infrastructure announcement was made today regarding upgrades and an expansion to Dauphin's lagoon and wastewater treatment facility.

The money will come from the provincial and federal governments and is part of $34,400,000 in funds that will go to 10 wastewater and waste management projects in Manitoba.

The work to be done will include constructing and upgrading a lagoon reactor system, building a new sewage treatment facility, and installing new pipes. 

"This kind of infrastructure is fundamental to the community, to the city... this has been sought after for a number of years already, but again, this kind of infrastructure paves the way for growth and development, population growth. It's important to have these investments put in place to attract business and to attract investment in our region and our city", said MLA for Dauphin, Brad Michaleski.

Dauphin's Mayor Christian Laughland was also at the announcement, “This is a great day for the City of Dauphin. We identified the need to expand our lagoon over a decade ago, so we are excited to see this investment through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) for the project. Completion of the lagoon expansion will allow Dauphin to grow our population and industry. We are grateful to our partners, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba, for supporting this initiative.”

In total, $9,100,000 will be provided for the project from the Manitoba and federal governments.