With a number of suspicious fires started in Dauphin early Tuesday Morning, it feels like crime in the area has been on the rise, and the RCMP Media Relations Officer Tara Seel says it's more than just a feeling.

"We are seeing an increase in certain types of crime, not all crime, but certain types, and one of those is property crime for sure. So break and enter, damage to property, we're seeing that across the province, and in particular with what you're asking we are seeing that in the Dauphin area."

She said they have task forces set up to address increases in crime, and they're doing what they can to have a presence in underserved areas.

"The RCMP polices a very large portion of the province of Manitoba, so it's just not feasible that police cars can drive up and down the street in every community all the time. However, that does not mean we're not present, so our officers are patrolling and responding to crime in communities every day."

Seel said that recruitment remains a top priority for the RCMP so they can have the resources needed in every community.