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Whether he needed help picking something up, opening the door, getting something off the counter and everything in between, Fanta was there. Fanta was a black service dog and her dad was Alex Lytwyn of Winnipegosis.

Living with Cerebral Palsy, small tasks turn into enormous challenges for Alex. Entering the store isn't something he could normally do by himself; however, Fanta was always there to help him do so. Morning or night, Fanta spent four years being right by Alex's side, until she became ill about two months ago. 

Despite multiple visits to the vet, Fanta's illness had progressed too much and she passed away, one month ago on Tuesday, July 12. Lytwyn is remembering her as the best thing he has ever had in his life.

"She was my everything, she meant everything and more to me," said Lytwyn. "Her little tail wag would put a smile on my face. She did everything for me and life simply isn't the same without her."

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Alex matched with Fanta four years ago thru the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. A moment that Alex is holding near and dear to his heart is when Fanta was in her last stages. One day when they got back from the vet, she would wait for Alex to come down the van ramp and she walked with Alex into the house together, despite having very little energy to do so. 

"We were lying down later and she was right beside me and she looked at me like she wanted to go for a walk," said Lytwyn. "It took a while to get her up but once we did, we went for a walk around the yard and we couldn't stop looking at each other. To me, we were thinking about all the great times we had together and I was feeling so thankful for everything she did for me."

Later that evening, Fanta put her head on Alex`s arm, gave him a kiss and took her last breath. 

"She will forever be in my heart, I will never forget Fanta," ended Lytwyn. 

Alex says getting a new service dog is off the table for now; however, he is open to getting one in the future after he takes some more time to remember Fanta.