Many folks in Dauphin have been saying they aren't spending as much time as they would like to outside because of the mosquitos that have been horrible over the past little while.

Whether it be on the golf course or just taking a walk down Main Street, they have been relentless and it's an issue that the City of Dauphin is aware of and they are taking steps towards fixing the problem.

Mike VanAlstyne says the city is planning to begin their Larvicide program. In case you weren't sure what that is, larvicide is a type of insecticide used to control mosquitoes indoors and outdoors around your home. They work by killing mosquito larvae before they can grow into adults.

There is another issue as well and that's Mother Nature.

"It doesn't take too long to do because of the size of our community," said VanAlstyne. "We apply it to any ditches around town and other low-lying areas."

Mike says they haven't been able to place any as of yet because heavy rains as of late have caused the city's ditches to fill and waters moving. Although larvacide is good in wet areas, it washes away in moving water.

But when larvacide is placed in a dry spot, VanAlstyne says it does a great job.

"It is very effective, it is probably the most effective way of controlling mosquitos," said VanAlstyne. "We're just waiting for the water to stop moving to get down to business."