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It seems animals are not the only things you can adopt these can also adopt a piece of art!
The Dauphin and District Allied Arts Council will be holding an Art Adoption Night on March 11 to raise money for upgrades to the Watson Art Centre.
Organizer Kathy Bellemare says artists should not be shy about donating their pieces.
"I know sometimes people say, 'Well, you know, I don't know if this is good enough or whatever,' but I think art is so personal and there's such a wide range of art that speaks to people that I think we're looking at getting a real wide variety of contributions."
Bellemare says they are also looking for more than just paintings.
"People could contribute things you could hang on walls and maybe pieces that, you know, you sit on a coffee room table on an end table or a bookshelf or whatever."
Bellemare says it's also a great event for people looking to downsize their homes, who want to make sure their art will be appreciated.
Those looking to donate pieces can drop them off at the Watson Art Centre on weekday afternoons.