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Henderson Elementary School in Dauphin hosted an Ag in the Classroom Made in Manitoba Breakfast this morning.
Students gathered in the gym to watch a presentation about where their food comes from, who grows it, and the different careers there are in agriculture.
Program Coordinator, Stephanie Richards says teaching the students about the agriculture industry is very important.
"Tons of the stuff we use everyday comes from agriculture that you wouldn't know has ag products in it. So it's important for the students to know that they eat every day because of a farmer."
It appears Ag in the Classroom was successful in educating students, as Jayselyn Nybo says she learned a lot from the presentation.
"It seems like a lot of work. Like they said, some people milk like 50 cows a day twice just to get milk for us. We learned about honey how they had 100,000 pounds for the one year."
After the presentation, students were fed a breakfast made entirely of Manitoba grown products.