The Manitoba government released new data today regarding illegal hunting activity caught by conservation officers.

Swan River made quite a few appearances in the update,

On Oct. 16th, a Swan River conservation officer was patrolling in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest.

The officer found two males on an ATV who said they were hunting deer. An inspection found that one of the male's firearms was loaded.

A man was issued a $486 ticket for possessing a loaded firearm in a wildlife refuge.

On Oct. 3rd, conservation officers in the Riverton District received a tip about two individuals driving on private property without permission and shooting at geese.

Two hunters were seen heading west on Provincial Trunk Highway 68 toward Arborg.

The witness noted a Minnesota licence plate and followed the truck to a residence north of Arborg.

Two hunters were charged and fined $486 for hunting on private property without permission under the Wildlife Act.

They also received an additional fine of $390 for hunting a migratory bird from a motorized vehicle.

Both charges include a one-year suspension from big game, migratory bird and game bird licences upon conviction.

On Sept. 19th, conservation officers patrolling Provincial Trunk Highway 83, south of Swan River, near the Saskatchewan border, saw a truck travelling north with a large set of moose antlers visible in the back of the truck.

Officers stopped the vehicle and learned the moose had been harvested in Saskatchewan, and while the meat was correctly processed, the head was still attached to the antlers.

It is currently illegal to bring unprocessed deer, elk, moose or caribou into Manitoba.

The head and antlers were seized, the male was given a ticket but allowed to keep the meat.

And in early September, Swan River conservation officers acted on a tip about someone hunting on private land without permission in the R.M. of Swan Valley West.

Local RCMP had also reported seeing a male possessing an elk head and elk parts in the same area.

The individual, currently under a big game licence suspension, admitted to an officer that he had shot the elk.

Conservation officers, along with RCMP, executed a search warrant at the individual's property and seized the elk parts. Two men were issued appearance notices for court.

The province advises that conservation officers continue enforcement to protect Manitoba's natural resources.