Mountain View School Division held a regularly scheduled board meeting last night.

The board went over a variety of talking points that concern the division, including:

A follow-up was provided from the last meeting on the municipal property tax report forGrandview. The municipality last reported that it owed more than $43,000 in taxes, but an error was detected since then, and the bill has been revised to $7,300.

A skill trades and technology showcase for grade eight students in the MVSD will take place on November 5th.

Homeschooling numbers are up due to the pandemic but still relatively small compared to the rest of the province.

Manitoba public health is now permitting indoor student mask breaks for eating and drinking when students are 6 feet apart.

Effective October 18th, regular COVID tests will be taken for employees and volunteers who are not fully vaccinated. 

Improved ventilation systems in schools as a part of the Safe Schools Fund.

The next MVSD board meeting is set to take place on October 25th.